Boundless (Unearthly Trilogy (Hardcover)) par Cynthia Hand

Titre de livre: Boundless (Unearthly Trilogy (Hardcover))

Auteur: Cynthia Hand

Broché: 448 pages

Date de sortie: January 22, 2013

ISBN: 0061996203

Éditeur: Harper Teen

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Boundless (Unearthly Trilogy (Hardcover)) par Cynthia Hand

Cynthia Hand avec Boundless (Unearthly Trilogy (Hardcover))

HardCover. Pub Date :2013-01-04 Pages: 448 Language: English Publisher: HarperTeen The past few years held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner ever could have anticipated. Yet through the dizzying high of first love to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her. the one thing she could no longer deny was that she was never meant to have a normal life. Since discovering the special role she plays among the other angel-bloods. Clara has been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her ... even if it means breaking both their hearts. Leaving town seemed like the best option. so shes headed back to California-and so is Christian Prescott. the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first place. As Clara makes her way in a world that is frighteningly new. she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is ...